Pagos Continues to Transform Payments Data Management by Announcing Two New Services


Albert Drouart

CPTO & Co-Founder of Pagos

February 28, 2024

February 28, 2024

February 28, 2024

We're excited to announce the release of two cutting-edge products that are poised to expand the landscape of payments data management: Flamingo, our payments data benchmark service, and Puffin, our aggregated and normalized payments data streaming service. We designed these innovative solutions to simplify the complexities of payment data analysis and access, providing businesses with unparalleled insights and capabilities to better optimize their operations.

Benchmark Your Payments Performance with Confidence

Flamingo by Pagos sets a new standard in payment analytics by empowering your business to benchmark your payments performance against industry leaders and peers. With this revolutionary new service, you can anonymously compare your historical and real-time payments data against industry benchmarks to identify areas for improvement, recognize trends, and gain confidence in your processing capabilities.

Powered by billions of transaction data points and card network data feeds, Flamingo tells you how your payment metrics stack up against those of comparable businesses. Even more, you can easily confirm if any fluctuations in your data—change in the type of declines, or a degrading approval rate, for example—is consistent across your industry or only affecting you. 

Best of all: Flamingo’s data is updated weekly and anonymized to provide you with the most up-to-date data comparisons possible without revealing the sources. Whenever you need it, Flamingo’s data is at your fingertips.

Drive Efficiency With a Harmonized Data Feed

Our new payments data streaming service—Puffin—represents a huge improvement in  payments data management and analysis. For the first time in the industry, businesses can quickly access all their clean payments data, aggregated across every processor they use. Simply send all your payments data to Pagos through our no-code data connections, and our platform automatically aggregates and normalizes your transactions, chargebacks, refunds, fees, and more. Save your internal teams the time and resources spent on the nearly impossible task of cleaning and mapping disparate data together. With Puffin, you’ll always have a straightforward, clean data feed you can immediately integrate into any existing workflows and systems you use.

The time savings and data quality Puffin offers will change the way your business accesses and derives actionable insights from historical payments data. Here’s just a taste of what’s possible with easily accessible harmonized payments data:

  • Stream your standardized transaction volume into a data warehouse to integrate with customer, marketing and other data sets or power business development by building a consolidated report to share with partners such as issuers or networks.

  • Extract  chargeback details across processors whenever you spot a sudden increase in disputes for faster adjustments on fraud rules.

  • Dig into the details behind any transactions declined by the fraud rules both you and your processor set.

  • Track network, penalties, and assessments down to the line-item to identify opportunities to save money. 

Get Started with Pagos Today!

Both Puffin and Flamingo seamlessly integrate with our suite of existing Pagos products, providing your business with a comprehensive data management solution. Whether you’re analyzing payments data trends identified in Peacock and Canary, or assessing your network tokenization strategy powered by Toucan, these groundbreaking new services empower your business to both dig in deeper to your own data and compare your performance to industry benchmarks. With Puffin and Flamingo, you have instant accessibility and actionable insights to drive your business forward.

Are you ready to revolutionize the way you manage and leverage your payments data? Request a demo today to discover how Pagos can transform your payments data management and help your business soar to new heights! 

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