Presenting: Data About Your Data! The New ‘Know Your Data’ Dashboard in Peacock


Tomas Armellin


March 23, 2023

March 23, 2023

March 23, 2023

Data is an incredibly powerful tool for gaining insights and making informed decisions, but it can be overwhelming to process huge amounts of data, especially when it comes in numerous forms, varieties, and levels of complexity. Plus, data is being generated at an unprecedented rate, so analyzing that information quickly enough to make timely decisions can be an intimidating task. That's where Peacock by Pagos comes in. 

In Peacock we provide many dashboards and charts to help you tackle real problems by using multiple filtering options to segment your data and put the focus where it needs to be. Our Soft Descriptors and Metadata filters are our most widely used (you can read details on how they work in this post). They allow you to filter the data in any dashboard in Peacock by any of your custom fields. Know Your Data—our newest addition to Peacock—gets a little meta by helping you understand what’s going on behind your custom fields and use them even better.

The Know Your Data Dashboard

Peacocks are omnivores and will eat just about anything, including insects, small animals, fruits, and seeds. Similarly, our customers have a wide range of different data streams from multiple processors, information from different countries, different accounts, and more. That amount of data can be daunting to visualize and apply the correct filters to. This is why we released the Know Your Data dashboard. It presents statistics on the attributes of your data, and it better informs you on how you filter your charts in Peacock. It is not payment based; it is data statistics based. Know Your Data does not replace any existing charts in any way. On the contrary, it helps you compare the different filters used to see the charts in Peacock.

To access Know Your Data, simply go to the Data section of the Peacock visualisation panel and you'll find two new rows under the Know Your Data title: Soft Descriptors and Metadata. These are new tables showing how you use these filters in Peacock. For the Soft Descriptors table, it presents the top 50 soft descriptors and their corresponding total transaction count and value, approval rate, decline rate, chargeback rate, and refund rate. You can sort them out by each of these columns, top or bottom, by period, and even by processor. The Metadata table is presented in a similar format. You can select a number of metadata filters, with their corresponding values, and sort them out by the same items mentioned above. 

Being able to see these fields listed and sorted is a great way to understand how you use your soft descriptors and metadata filters, and it makes it easier to see a huge amount of data in a simple and clear way.

Know Your Data in Action

One of our customers recently identified a dip in their approval rate. A quick review of their Soft Descriptors showed fraudulent events—the fraudsters had identified a gap in the company’s risk rules. Fortunately most of the transactions were being declined by the payments service provider (PSP), but the ideal situation would be for the company to have tougher risk rules in place so that the transactions stop before even getting to the PSP. The company’s risk team is working on doing that now, based on the knowledge they gained from Know Your Data. 

Ready to Get Going?

Peacock's latest feature gives you comprehensive insights into your data, allowing you to gain new perspectives and discover valuable insights you may not have realized before. With Know Your Data, you can now visualize your data more effectively and filter your charts more accurately. Are you ready to explore your payments data like never before?

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