Birds Bring Us Together


Soleil Benavides

Head of Talent Acquisition

November 17, 2022

November 17, 2022

November 17, 2022

The end of the year’s a time for reflection and gratitude. In the US, we have the highly literal holiday of Thanksgiving to call this to mind, and—conveniently enough—it’s associated with a bird! What better time for us to share why we are thankful for birds and how they’ve brought us together!

If you’ve been following us for long, you’ll know Pagos is a platform of microservices built to give you easy to access actionable insights and the tools to execute on them. We also have a thing for birds. Why? It started when we realized that Canary—think "canary in the coal mine"—made a good name for a real-time early alerts and notifications service for payments. Then, why not call a payment data visualization service Peacock? Both put on beautiful visual displays. From there, there was no stopping the bird-themed product concepts. We now call our platform The Nest since it's where all of our birds live.

Birds on the Brain at Pagos

We’ve worked hard to deliver several best in class tools and services to optimize your payments stack, all in well under two years! Along the way, we’ve also become—or revealed ourselves as—bird fans in a broader sense, which is why we call ourselves birders. If you aren’t yet onboard with the whole bird thing, let us try further convincing you by sharing some favorite moments we’ve collected over the past year.

Pagos birders are located in Sweden, Spain, Pakistan, Portugal, Belarus, Serbia, Singapore, and coast-to-middle-to-coast in the US, so it’s rare there’s a time where everyone is online simultaneously. Slack lets us have fun and share interesting information with each other regardless of the time zone we’re in. One of our social channels, #bird-sightings, is a place for birds of all feathers.

Founder Contributions

Meme-Worthy Observations

Then there was the time when a tweet inspired a teammate to create a custom GIF featuring one of our birds, Loon, in place of the Canadian goose.

custom gif of children celebrating a goose on a rock

Very Good Actual Bird Sightings

We Also Have Our Jokes

Birders in the Field

While we are fully remote, connecting in person is something that we really value. We do this through our offsites and team gatherings. It’s another way to keep the human front and center despite spending so much of our time separate from each other. 

There are many many more we could share, but you probably get the point by now.


One of the core values we center our Pagos company culture around is making space to play and explore. Ultimately, we believe in finding moments in our work days to enjoy ourselves, make one another laugh, and find pockets of fun. Birds have brought us together online, in the field, and in person on many occasions: this is an important part of building community. These connections also enhance another value of ours—Celebration of diverse identities and perspectives. No matter where a birder is in the world, we have options to share and play with our teammates. All are welcome and no bird pun is off limits. 

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