Spread Your Wings with Toucan and Loon: The Sandbox Is Here!


Connor Sullivan


February 22, 2023

February 22, 2023

February 22, 2023

We’ve talked quite a bit about how difficult the process of integrating network services—like network tokenization or account updater—can be. The direct-to-network integrations for these kinds of services are complex to maintain, can take months to complete, and are extremely expensive to execute on your own.  

We know because we’ve done it. Pagos has built a suite of direct-to-network services that are easy to set up and simple to use. In a matter of days, you can connect to Pagos and reap the benefits of network tokenization and account updater.

Even better, with our new sandbox,  you can get your hands on Toucan and Loon and easily test out these products, commitment-free!

Toucan and Loon: VIP Access To Card Networks

Let’s get a birds-eye-view of these two products:

Toucan by Pagos is a one-stop-shop for all your network tokenization needs. Tokenize primary account numbers (PANs), fetch cryptograms, and manage your tokens via one API. With Toucan, we make it easy for you to access network services directly with your own dedicated Pagos account and control how and where you deploy network tokenization.

Loon by Pagos is our Account Updater tool that allows you to manage card-on-file updates in one PAN list, independent from any network or PSP. Through a single API integration, you can securely update your customers’ card-on-file account information in a timely and efficient manner.

Hear that sound? Is it...chirping?

Pagos Harmonized Responses

If you were to connect directly with the network with a network tokenization or an Account Updater solution, you would quickly realize that each network has a different response for each possible event. We’ve taken on the task of mapping all of the disparate responses across all of the different networks to one unified response. 

In the sandbox—and in production—you will receive the Pagos harmonized response codes instead of the individual and non-matching network response codes. The sandbox allows you to review and to test the harmonized responses for Toucan and Loon using Visa, Mastercard, and Amex test cards (Discover is coming soon). That way you can focus your efforts on taking action with your newly updated or tokenized PANs instead of spending time mapping the network codes.

Introducing the Pagos Sandbox

If you’re ready to explore the world of network services but aren’t sure how to get started, our sandbox is a great way to test out the tools. The sandbox is an isolated test environment where you can try out the different features that both Toucan and Loon have to offer, all within the security of the Pagos platform. When you sign up for the Pagos sandbox, you automatically get access to both Toucan and Loon testing - this a great way to see what works best for you!

Through the sandbox, you can test out the most critical aspects of network tokenization. Click the links below to learn more:

For Loon, you can use the sandbox API to test the core functionality of Account Updater. Click the link to learn more: 

  • Send inquiries that will register the PANs, send them for account updates, and provide an immediate response 

The sandbox gives you a feel for how Toucan and Loon work in production, space to test your own use cases, and the ability to prepare for integration in production. Check out our Toucan and Loon testing guides for a more detailed overview of the different responses you can test for and the steps to get started. 

Start Playing in the Sandbox Today!

The sandbox is no commitment required: while you need to create a sandbox account, you do not need a paid subscription to access it. If you’re interested in trying Toucan and/or Loon in the sandbox, fill out the registration form and we’ll be in contact soon:

Interested in learning more about Pagos and our other payments solutions? Connect with our team today!

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