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Luis Elliott


April 26, 2022

April 26, 2022

April 26, 2022

As mentioned in our previous blog post, Why Did I Get This Chargeback, getting a grip on your chargeback reason codes can drive valuable insights into what’s happening with your payments, customers, products, and—to whichever degree you’re using or not using 3DS—your fraud levels. 

Here at Pagos, we understand that getting an overall view of trends in your chargeback statuses, rates, and reasons across each of your processors can be time-consuming, especially if you’re running a global business. In this blog post, we'll explain how, sometimes, the key to cracking open trends in your chargebacks can actually be to put Humpty Dumpty (the chargeback egg) back together again…using Peacock. We'll go into a more surgical approach to chargeback exploration and tools in future posts.

Normalization & Categorization 

Peacock by Pagos pulls in data from each of your various processors and generates dashboards and reports of normalized data visualizations. The Chargeback report in your Peacock account includes a Reason Code Distribution graph, which displays a single view of all your chargebacks across all processors. Since reason codes don’t always align across processors, we’ve mapped them into four categories for this bar graph: 

  • Authorization Errors 

  • Processing Errors 

  • Fraud

  • Customer Dispute

You can find more detail on these categories and their underlying reason codes in that blog post mentioned above, and you can download the data driving this graph to view the exact reason code breakdown in your own data. We're going to build more features around reason codes in the future, so get eggcited.

Chargeback Statuses

The Chargeback Volume by Status Category graph breaks down your total chargebacks by status and—better yet—shows how the distribution of statuses changes over time. Normalizing, accessing all chargeback statuses across processors isn’t easy.

Much like reason codes, status names vary by processor, and we’ve had to group them into five categories:

  • Chargeback open

  • Chargeback pending/evidence sent

  • Chargeback won/defended

  • Chargeback lost/accepted

  • RFI (request for information)

Each of the five categories can include up to 15+ individual statuses, and each processor may give you a more or less granular overview. By bringing this data together in one simple overview, we give you a clear view of what’s changing in your chargeback volume over time.

By hovering over each status’ bar, you can highlight trends in chargebacks won or lost, and confirm that your chargeback team is responding to chargebacks correctly—meaning, chargebacks don’t remain open indefinitely, but instead move to the pending/evidence sent status as they go through the process.


With Peacock, it’s not only possible to see your overall chargeback rate, volume and rate by issuing country (shown below), and chargeback volume, but you can dig so much deeper into your data with our filters. With each of your chargeback charts, you can utilize the Pagos filtering tools to select or deselect many data variables, or examine your chargeback by each card brand, region, or currency. You can even search for individual issuers and BINs! 

Chargeback Volume and Rate by Issuer

Peacock by Pagos

These tools and visualizations allow any payment manager or professional to not only get one holistic view of their complex chargeback data, but to also filter that data however they need to spot trends or areas of improvement. They can even download the corresponding data for each chart to break down and interpret for themselves!

We have many more charts, rates, alerts, views, and filters planned and coming soon, so keep an eye out for more updates on our chargeback and reporting. Also, our upcoming blog posts covering friendly fraud and chargebacks will be worth checking out for more info on why you even need to look at this data in the first place.

Interested in Peacock? Register to join the Peacock Beta or contact us for more information!

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