Strong Customer Demand and New Investors are Taking Pagos to Greater Heights


Klas Bäck

CEO & Co-Founder of Pagos

February 26, 2023

February 26, 2023

February 26, 2023

We started off the new year by announcing more than 1 billion annualized transactions, due in great part to the trust of world-renowned brands like Adobe, Eventbrite, GoFundMe, and Warner Bros Discover as customers. We’re so proud of this momentum and grateful for the partnerships we’ve built with these and many other early adopters who help power our journey.

"As the transaction volume indicates, Pagos has already succeeded at signing up and going live with some very large customers at an incredibly early phase. We believe the reputations of their leaders have bolstered the resonance of the products they're delivering."
Sugam Sarin from Point72 Venture

Though we haven’t required additional funding, we’ve received significant interest from the investor community. This attention resulted in a timely opportunity to scale Pagos even faster with an oversubscribed $34M Series A round (read more in TechCrunch and our press release). Please join us in welcoming Arbor Ventures as our lead investor, along with Point 72 Ventures, Infinity Ventures and Underscore VC, which led our seed round in 2021. With this new capital, we’ll accelerate partnerships with early adopters and initial customers who want to see us advance our enterprise product suite. To facilitate that, we’ll be expanding our engineering team – check out our open positions if you're interested in joining us. 

Payment Infrastructure is Absolutely Critical Right Now

Our Series A financing demonstrates just how critical payment infrastructure is right now. Global digital payments revenue is expected to reach $14.79 trillion by 2027. As digital payments become increasingly ubiquitous, the complexity of managing them increases, as does the amount of money companies are leaving on the table as they struggle to stay on top of everything. This is a particularly worrisome reality given today’s economic volatility and is a strong justification for Pagos’ intelligent payments solutions.

Our Birds Help You Overcome Payments Challenges

We built the Pagos platform to help businesses overcome the cost challenges and complexity of payment processing. If your business is already feeling constrained, there often isn’t time to spare for new integrations. We’ve built no-code integrations with Adyen, Braintree, Chase, dLocal, PayPal, Stripe, and Worldpay and others (plus more coming soon) so you can get immediate value from our product suite without having to make changes to your existing payment stack. 

  • Our monitoring tools and actionable insights empower you to proactively detect payment-related issues, trends, and opportunities, and make data-driven optimizations to your payment infrastructure quickly and iteratively.

  • Our out-of-the-box analytics and real-time tracking of existing payments data across different markets, channels, and vendors allow any company selling or billing online to turn disparate, hard-to-access payment data into clear business insights.

  • Our action suite APIs give you control over how you execute—independently and globally—on optimizations your business needs. For example, Pagos customers can use direct-from-network tools like our account updater and network tokenization solutions to minimize churn and fraud when and where it actually matters.

  • And access to better BIN data enables you to optimize retry strategies and fraud rules, as well as supply your customer service teams with exactly what they need to deliver the most helpful resolutions. 

Some of the other crucial payment intelligence use cases our customers are unlocking include:

  • Dissecting and analyzing decline codes

  • Improving customer conversion

  • Identifying optimal payment methods and routes

  • Tracking payments and chargeback metrics per sub-merchant

  • Optimizing recurring billing to reduce churn

  • Determining when, where, and why chargebacks occur

  • A/B testing and monitoring multiple processing options

A Data-Driven Approach to Payment Decisions is Key

Payment processing is fundamental to customer experiences and your bottom line. If you want to build long-standing relationships with your customers and secure that revenue for your business, your payment decisions—and being data-driven about those payment decisions—really matter.

"It's always fun to watch an incredible founding team execute on their vision. It’s just as exciting to have a ringside seat as Pagos makes it possible for the largest ecommerce companies in the world to aggregate, analyze, and proactively act on payments insights. By demystifying payment infrastructures and providing data-driven intelligence, Pagos is helping companies that are already taking a data-driven approach across other aspects of their business to extend that approach to payment processing.”
Chris Gardner from Underscore VC

Not only are we supporting companies that bill or sell online, we’re also supporting the companies supporting them, including fraud providers like Ravelin, acquirers, payment service providers, payment orchestration platforms, vertical SaaS players, marketplaces, and billing engines. And this latest round of funding will allow us to help even more online businesses understand and act on the data that already exists within their payments environment.

There Isn’t a Community Without You!

Thank you to our incredible Pagos team (Birders), our investors, partners, and—of course—our customers. You power our growth and we’re so excited to fly to new heights together.

“GoFundMe is committed to providing a safe and trusted place to give and receive help, and Pagos’ tools help us be even more proactive in protecting our global community. Pagos' formidable birds ensure we are able to proactively monitor our global business down to the BIN level to stay ahead of fraud while optimizing our payment performance."
William Roberts, Vice President Payments, Risk, Compliance, and Platform Integrity

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