A Brand New User Experience in Peacock


Tomas Armellin


January 5, 2023

January 5, 2023

January 5, 2023

At Pagos, we’re all about providing better access to your own data. We understand that payments processing presents many challenges, and we’ve intentionally designed our birds (our flock, actually) to be user-friendly and easy to understand. You need to know what’s going on in your payments stack so you can take meaningful actions to grow and improve your business. Peacock helps you visualize your data in a simple, clear way, and we’re excited to share a brand new user experience that is slicker, clearer, and more accessible. You now have access to more data points, new charts, and some cool new features - everything at your fingertips in up to 30% fewer clicks.

Navigating Your Data with Peacock

The data flow and the order in which information is presented in Peacock is no coincidence: it should get you to insights as quickly as the crow flies. We pay careful attention to the way we design dashboards’ order, and within those dashboards, the charts’ order. We have a strong bias towards data harmonization, so charts are presented in a way that replicates a payment transaction sequence: from transaction data (count, value) to approval data (approval rates) to decline data (decline codes, reason codes). The type of charts that we use also aim to simplify the way we show your data: pie charts, bar charts, line charts, and tables take center stage to provide you with the best user experience possible. We’ve also introduced some new features that will allow you better access to your data.


All charts in Peacock now include sub-charts. Sub-charts keep similar information together, so you can conduct analysis without scrolling or flipping pages. Now, you will be able to switch between different sub-charts with related information, all in the same location. Sub-charts will always let you flip between an aggregate view, a count over time, and a value over time - or whichever combination makes the most sense for that chart's metrics. For example, in the Payment Method Dashboard, the Payment Method Category Transaction chart presents four sub-charts: 

  • Share of Transaction Count by Payment Method Category

  • Share of Transaction Value by Payment Method Category

  • Payment Method Category Transaction Count

  • Payment Method Category Transaction Value

All the Peacock filters are also available for you to be able to dig deeper into any data points of interest. And you can save a sub-chart selection in addition to chart view on custom dashboard setups.

Count, Value, Distribution 

Now in Peacock, you will always have two data display options for your transactions: count and value. These will be presented as separate sub-chart in the same chart, so you can focus on each item individually. In addition to this, you can now switch between absolute values and distribution in every stacked bar chart. This contributes greatly to easy data visualization; in this way, you have more data and, most importantly, more ways to see this data, all in the same chart. With the distribution toggle, you will now be able to spot suspicious behavior or potential issues faster and easier. It’s really simple to use: in the chart, just select the ‘Distribution’ toggle that’s next to the ‘Absolute’ one and you’ll see how the data switches to this mode. 

As a reminder, you’re still able to use all the rest of Peacock’s features: saving filter combinations as views, building custom dashboards, using the soft descriptor and metadata filters to deep dive on any specific component of your choice, and many more!

Join Us

We want to bring clarity to complex data and empower you with more information. With Peacock’s new features, you can see your data in a way you had never seen before. Ready to take flight?

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