200 Million Transaction Events and Counting


Klas Bäck

CEO & Co-Founder of Pagos

June 9, 2022

June 9, 2022

June 9, 2022

Remember a month ago when we posted about our first 100 million transactions? In those days—if we can even remember back that far—that was a huge milestone and a symbol of our unprecedented growth. Little did we know that we’d be doubling our total number of processed transaction events in one month’s time.

You heard that right! We’re excited to announce the Pagos platform has now processed over 200 million transaction events since December, 2021.

Unparalleled Growth

When we cite our processed transaction event count, we’re referring to all the payments data our clients pass through to the Pagos data engine, representing each order and payment they process. Each event in turn powers the data visualizations, actionable insights, and payment anomaly notifications we provide clients to help them optimize and execute on payment strategies. As more companies realize how seamlessly they can integrate with Pagos’ suite of microservices—given that they don’t have to make changes to their existing payments stack—and thus send a greater volume of transaction events to our servers, our processed transaction count grows. We can therefore confidently identify this data point as not only a reliable indicator of our overall growth, but also solid validation that we’ve created products our customers want. 

And grow, we shall! As of today, we’ve seen a 4x increase in the number of transaction events processed through our platform than we did only two months ago, with transactions coming in from client businesses of all sizes—including some of the best known brands in the world. In breaking down our 200M processed events, we’re excited to see a relatively even distribution of transactions across these clients and across global markets. 

In the heat map below, we've demonstrated this global distribution of card transaction data specifically. The darker a country is on this map, the greater the percentage of card issuers in that country we've received transaction events from via our customer data. Some markets (like the United States) have a large number of issuers, but a high market share concentration among a small number of them; as such, our intensity score in those markets may appear fairly low despite our processing many transaction events there. Overall, we see some markets where our clients have shared card transaction data representing 100% of the BINs active in that market! And keep in mind: Pagos is payment method agnostic, so this data set only accounts for a subset of the 56+ payment method brands we’ve seen move through our platform thus far!

Delighting Our Customers

Earlier this week one of our customers—an extremely large and prominent brand—shared the following feedback:

“I’m seeing data in more detail than I have ever been able to before… ” 

This is a common statement from our customers overall: when businesses can aggregate and visualize with granularity how exactly to sell more at a lower cost, it’s massively impactful. And that’s not even all Pagos can provide! From there, we’re geared up to deliver advice and paths to action with other tools in our suite. Whether companies are looking to increase revenue or decrease payment processing costs, Pagos has the insight and clarity they need.

Looking to the Future

Don’t you worry about us nesting on our laurels from here on out. We have lots of hard work in front of us to keep up this growth and bring more merchants into the Pagos flock. With our internal team and external community of partners and friends, we’re ready to tackle any challenge that comes our way.

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