Data Policy


Pagos Solutions, Inc. (“Pagos”) believes that protecting our customer data is important. We employ industry standard protections to ensure that your data is maintained in a safe and trustworthy environment. We understand the importance of safeguarding Your data, which is why we have implemented the necessary controls and best practices to provide the highest standards of security for our users and customers. The following is an overview of the main areas of our privacy and security protocols.

Data privacy

  • GDPR compliant: Pagos and Our third-party providers are compliant with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation.
  • Credit cards and other sensitive payment instrument identifiers: Pagos does not process any credit card details or bank account details belonging to You or Your Users. Your Users’ card details, if any, are stored in a PCI compliant data vault.
  • Passwords: Your password is encrypted and never stored in our database in a readable/unencrypted format. You are responsible for choosing a strong password and keeping it secret.

Data access

Our teams are made up of people who have built highly-secure enterprise applications at companies of varying sizes, from startups to large public companies. At Pagos, all new hires, regardless of role, are trained on up-to-date security policies and industry standards. Your data is your property and will never be sold to third parties. We will only access your Pagos account with your permission, in the case of suspicious account activity or if we suspect the Pagos terms of service are being violated.