How it Works

Get started in no time!  Connect your payment processor, import all your data, and let Peacock by Pagos show you how to optimize your payments.




Manage Your Data

  • Consolidate and control all your payments data
  • Create customized reports and dashboards that fit your needs
  • Monitor trends on your business or payment processor with the 1-click Quarterly Business Review

Understand Your Data

  • Learn about payments in standard terms
  • Assess payments trends using best in class data visualizations
  • Compare your performance to that of peers
  • Benchmark vendor performance

Take Action

  • Optimize your checkout flow and improve sales
  • Reduce churn and increase approval rates
  • Change how you process payments and save money
  • Identify patterns in your chargeback data to manage risk


We will help you understand and optimize things like:

    • Authorization rate
    • Decline reasons
    • Chargebacks/disputes
    • Processing costs 
    • Interchange fees and assessments 


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About Us

We are a passionate team of payments veterans and technologists who know that better data can lead to better outcomes for customers, leading to higher revenue and lower costs for businesses. And we know there’s a need for easy to implement and insightful tools which help merchants understand, benchmark, and optimize performance across payments platforms and partners.

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We’re building tools to make it easier for you to take action based on what your data is telling you: optimize your vaulted payment credentials, retry your transactions, monitor performance in real-time. Let us know what kinds of challenges you’re experiencing!