Mitigate Fraud and Stay

  • Identify buyers from risky locations
  • Identify pre-paid cards
  • Block cards from certain markets or with certain restrictions (e.g. gambling)

Improve Experiences

  • Dynamically message customers during checkout
  • Provide better information about customers to your Support team
  • Gain insights into customer churn and understand what tools might work to address it

Manage Costs

  • Identify card type to choose the best processor based on estimated processing costs
  • Identify commercial cards that may benefit from additional processing data
  • Optimize processing costs by avoiding transactions on cards you can’t support

How Parrot Works

The Parrot API is simple: You make a BIN/IIN request and Parrot returns information about the associated payment card, including details on the bank that issued the card and the market it’s in (e.g. currency, time-zone).

It’s as easy as:

curl -H "curl -H "x-api-key:[your API key here]" ""

Check out our API Reference documentation for more information.

Parrot Batch

Prefer to manage your BIN data locally? Parrot Batch creates a copy of the Parrot BIN database weekly and delivers it to you in a single file. Request an updated file at any time and seamlessly integrate BIN data into your existing fraud checks, processing, and bank or customer analysis! 

Card Brands Covered

Parrot can pull BIN data for the following card brands:

And many more! See the full list

BIN Data Points

Parrot by Pagos provides BIN data for most major card brands

Standard Data

Standard BIN data includes basic details about the provided payment card, such as card network, card type, and issuing country. This information is essential to making sense of your payments ecosystem.

Enhanced Data

Enhanced BIN data provides you with more context on your customers, their accounts, and even the estimated costs associated with processing their payments. In both Parrot and Parrot Batch, you can request enhanced data at an additional cost

For a full list of the standard data points available and examples of how standard and enhanced data appears in query responses, see the Parrot Data Dictionary.


Cancel any time • Not for resale


Trial limit up to 30 days



Up to 500 BINs

Perfect to try it out


For growing business


per month

Up to 100,000 BINs

Enhanced data
Additional $0.02 per BIN


For larger business


per month

100,000 to 500,000 BINs

Overage over tier
Additional $0.002 per BIN

Enhanced data
Additional $0.01 per BIN





Over 500,000 BINs or Parrot Batch
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