Mitigate Fraud

  • Identify buyers from risky locations
  • Identify pre-paid cards
  • Block cards from certain markets

Improve Experiences

  • Dynamically message customers during checkout
  • Provide better information to your Support team members
  • Obtain insights to reduce customer churn

Manage Costs

  • Identify different card types to estimate cost and better understand your merchant processing statement
  • Identify commercial cards that may benefit from additional processing data
  • Optimize processing costs by avoiding transactions on cards you can’t support

How it Works

Parrot by Pagos is an easy to use API that provides access to detailed bank and market data based on the payment card’s Bank Identifier Number (BIN) or Issuer Identification Number (IIN). When you make a BIN/IIN request to Parrot we will return detailed information about the bank that issued the card, including details on the market (e.g. currency, time-zone).

It’s as easy as:

curl -H "x-api-key:[your API key here]" ""

Networks We Cover

Data Points Provided

We are constantly investing in adding new data points on issuers and the global payment market. Contact us if you’re interested in a particular data point and we will consider it as part of our pipeline.
IIN Number Details
Card Type
Prepaid Indicator
Country Details
Bank Issuer Details

Enhanced Data

SCA Regulated
Interchange Regulated


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Trial limit up to 30 days



Up to 500 requests
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For Growing Business


per month

Up to 100,000 requests

Overage over tier
Additional $0.002 per request

Enhanced data
Additional $0.02 per request


Perfect for larger business


per month

Up to 500,000 requests

Overage over tier
Additional $0.001 per request

Enhanced data
Additional $0.01 per request





Over 500,000 requests
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Coming Soon

  • Network token support
  • Country payroll dates
  • E-commerce stats
  • Issuer market share

About Us

We are a passionate team of payments veterans and technologists who know that better data can lead to better outcomes for customers, leading to higher revenue and lower costs for businesses. There is a lot of BIN/IIN data out there and yet we still hear merchants and payments companies asking for something better: higher quality, faster updates, better access, and actionable insight. The value Parrot adds comes from combining accurate BIN/IIN data with other data sets in the market and delivering that information through simple to use tools.

You can learn more about us here.

Help us Help You

BIN/IIN information is always changing. If you come across an area that you know has changed but we haven’t caught it yet, help us help you (and the rest of the merchant community) by submitting the update here.