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Payments Pattern Detection Made Simple


Manage Data

  • No developer required
  • Consolidate and control all payments data across systems and vendors

Automate Detection

  • Standardize monitoring in a central location
  • Use pre-built metrics and set benchmarks
  • Easily integrate real-time webhooks and emails into your systems and processes

Take Action

  • Identify changes in payment behaviors and pinpoint problems faster
  • Systematically respond to errors

How it Works

Connect your payment processor and let Canary by Pagos analyze your payment data automatically and let you know when things are changing or don’t look right.



Understand & Detect

Canary helps you automate and receive notifications on:

    • Changes in key metrics: monitor your authorization rates and total payment volume (TPV) across all partners and processors
    • Outages and anomalies: get ahead of poor performance; don’t let your customers be the ones to make you aware
    • Patterns in your orders: Keep track of trends in your average order value (AOV) over time


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