What is Account Updater?

Account updater is the secure exchange of updated payment card details and account information, facilitated by the card brands. Whenever card credentials update for any reason, the new details flow through card brands, from card issuers and acquirers, to merchants who then vault them for future use. This reduces churn and checkout friction, because customers never have to re-enter payment information to complete a purchase.

Supported Networks


Increase Approval Rates

Increase approvals by minimizing lifecycle management declines caused by expired cards and other card changes

Reduce Churn

Avoid lost sales and customer turnover due to card reissuance 

Improve Customer Experience

Allow customers to make repeat purchases quickly and easily by eliminating the need for them to re-enter card details

Why Loon?

Coverage and Support

  • Global support with a single data connection
  • Direct link to card data from all major card brands 

Ease of Implementation

  • Quick integration into any vault architecture
  • Simple API to get you started quickly and give you full control over card updates

Flexibility and Performance

  • Notifications sent when cards are updated
  • Cloud-based service with low-latency

How Loon Works

After integrating our service, you’ll be able to:

Send cards to Loon via API, API-batch, or file-batch to meet all your account updater needs

Securely send account details from your vault directly to Loon, and receive updated account information from Visa, Mastercard, Amex, and Discover

Provide a better customer experience by always having current credentials on hand

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