What We’re Building

At Pagos, we’re on a mission to deliver intelligent payments infrastructure that provides businesses with the tools they need to improve processing operations, accelerate revenue growth, and delight new and returning customers.

Through our technology and community, we’re systematically removing the barriers that prevent businesses from understanding and optimizing their payments. We want to empower companies of all kinds—regardless of their current setup, transaction volume, or long-term business goals—to deliver best-in-class payment experiences.

Enabling Awareness – See all of your payments data aggregated and normalized in one place, presented in clear data visualizations for better payments performance analysis, optimization, and benchmarking.

Delivering Advice – Monitor your payment processing data in real time to detect patterns and identify growth opportunities in your data

Taking Action – Confidently execute payment strategies and integrate with new payment technologies without investing heavily on in-house payment expertise or switching payment processors

What We Value

We value and are committed to a company culture based on a:


Relentless dedication to our customers

We made our business and our products to make payments easy and better for everyone. Our customers are the reason we’re doing this work and are always at the forefront of every decision we make.


Celebration of diverse identities and perspectives

We believe the only way to succeed is by building a team representative of those we serve. Talent knows no bounds; whatever shapes you is welcome at Pagos and wherever in the world you are is your Pagos office.


Pragmatic—not dogmatic—operational structure

We want to do things right and better than ever before, not just “how they’ve always been done.”


Making space to play and explore

We strive to always operate with high energy, a positive outlook, and a passion to make things better at every opportunity. If we can’t have fun, why bother?

Traction & Investors

Only one year post-launch, we’ve already launched five products and built a portfolio of fantastic enterprise customers (we can’t wait to tell you more).

We are funded and backed by Underscore VC, Point72 Ventures, Infinity Ventures, and prominent angel investors, including Bill Ready, Billy Chen, Amit Jhawar, Rich LaBarca, and others.

Why Join Us?

Joining Pagos now means joining a nimble team, solving complex problems to deliver on payment reporting and integration technology that our customers love.


This is the place for you if you’re excited to:

  • Create products, shape processes, and build community 
  • Take action to get things done quickly in a space that is ripe for innovation, with no shortage of unique problems to solve
  • Become a part of an incredibly talented global flock in a remote-first work environment 
  • Work with and win over businesses of all sizes by solving the problems that matter the most to them (and delivering on products they want)
  • Dig into the nitty gritty of payment processing, learning alongside your teammates and partners
  • Work somewhere that takes efficient communication across global time zones seriously; we love a day of deliverables, not endless meetings