The Missing Link in Digital Commerce

Businesses have very detailed data on their entire customer journey up until the most critical point: the payment.

At that point, there’s limited visibility into approval rates, the reasons behind declines, and other key business insights—much less all the variables that impact them. With unclear or insufficient payment data, you don’t know what’s working for your customers or how to act on what’s not.

Bridging The Gap with Pagos Payments Intelligence

The answer to bridging the digital commerce gap is actionable payments intelligence. Pagos empowers businesses with easy to access actionable insights and the tools to execute on them.

We believe this should be the new standard for companies of all types and sizes, making optimized payments accessible to all–regardless of what payments infrastructure is being used.

Visualize, Analyze, Detect, Act, Repeat!

Our services work together, creating a flywheel that continuously optimizes your payments stack. With Pagos, you’ll find awareness and insights through payments data, advice and discovery through smart transaction monitoring, and quick solution execution with the right tools. We know good data leads to new insights, thus driving improved performance.


Actionable Insights

Visualize and analyze all your payments data together, including performance by processor, network, issuer, decline code, and more

Pagos Flywheel
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Monitor, Detect, and Discover

Detect patterns, get alerts, and predict opportunities across your entire payment stack with real-time transaction monitoring and advanced machine learning capabilities.


Execute with Certainty

Easily execute and scale payment strategies with independent tools that don’t require heavy resource investment.

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Learnings Beyond Payments

Uncover and track new levels of knowledge about your customers (and their customers where applicable) by combining key business metadata with your payments data.

We’ve Got You Covered​

Pagos is a global platform supporting all card types and payment methods. You don’t need to make changes to your existing stack, and you can start using our tools with little to no code.

No-Code Support for:

With 1-line of code, you can easily stream your data from any processor using the Pagos Data Ingestion API.

Customer Use Case

Our customers use Pagos to track, monitor, and improve performance across every aspect of their payment flow. Here are a few examples of insights and tools that are now just clicks away for any Pagos customer.

Dissect and Analyze Decline Codes

Break down your decline codes by issuer, processor, card type, stored credential, currency, and geography—the options are endless. Easily track why you’re getting them and what action to take.

Identify Best Payment Method and Route

Know which payment method you should offer in every situation to optimize for performance and cost, and always know the best processing route for that payment method.

Track Payments and Chargeback Metrics Per Sub-merchant

Any business operating as a payment aggregator with hundreds or thousands of sub-merchants can easily view, track, and monitor performance and risk metrics for each individual seller.

Optimize Recurring Billing to Reduce Churn

Businesses can now track metrics on a first transaction vs. the second or any subsequent charges across geographies, processors, retries, or other criteria.

Understand Chargebacks: When, Where, Why?

With Pagos, it’s never been easier to understand chargeback root causes, detect trends, and catch deviations before they have serious business impacts.

A/B Test and Monitor Multiple Processing Options

See all your payments data apples-to-apples. If you use more than one processor, run A/B tests to always know which performs better for what transaction types. Acting with certainty has never been this easy.

For even more examples and inspiration, head over to our blog.

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